Today’s run was a little bit different. On one hand, it was a most excellent 15K barefoot run around the neighbourhood. I ran on paved trails on roads, sang out cheerful “hello’s” to walkers, runners, and dog-walkers, and enjoyed myself immensely. I had a great conversation just after the half-way mark with a guy named Joe about dogs, exercise, kids, getting older, and life in general. Hopefully, we’ll meet again, as Joe lives right on my run route. It was 6C and raining lightly for almost all the run. After the run, my legs feel good, my feet are in great shape, and I’m relaxed and happy.

On the other hand, it was a run I shared with a lot of other people all around the world. We didn’t do it all the same way, but we shared a common goal. Today was the official WordPress Worldwide 5K. The idea behind it was, very simply, to get a whole bunch of people to run, walk, or bike 5K, and then blog about it. Each person posting about his or her run/walk/ride was asked to tag the post with “wwwp5k,” so the folks at Automattic (the company behind WordPress) could recognize the posts. I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Automattic calls it “the 5K blogged around the world.”

Of course, I couldn’t do just 5K (it’s Sunday, after all, and my day for a longer run). So I did 15K, and dedicated 5K of that to my fellow WordPress bloggers everywhere – and to the good folks at Automattic. Thanks for a great idea!



  1. I love running, hiking or backpacking encounters. It is fun to make new friends.
    I missed the WordPress 5k. OK, I haven’t been blogging much lately.
    I did check your previous post on your tools and am almost convinced to move to WordPress.

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