Making Magic

I think I’ve resolved a dilemma – and in a very craft way.

A while ago, I decided that I’d rather run than race this year. Why bother with the crowds, the noise, and the hype of an event, I reasoned, when I could simply go out and enjoy a run all on my lonesome? But I found that, as a result, I was much less inclined to go out and run. Not that I’d lost my enthusiasm for it, just that I’d end up making all sorts of excuses why today wasn’t the day for a run, or the time wasn’t right, or it was too cold/too wet/too dark. If you’re a runner, you know the drill.

How I resolved the dilemma plays to a basic fact of human nature. We can, if we want to, play tricks on ourselves in order to get a desired result. All it requires is a willing suspension of disbelief and some imagination. A little magic, if you will.

This past weekend (exactly five weeks from the upcoming Mississauga Half Marathon), I decided that I’d act as if the half was a big goal race. I still probably won’t do it, and will instead go for a nice long Sunday run by myself on May 15. On the other hand, I’m already registered for the event, and the race start is only about 10 minutes from my home. So I may just shuffle over and run the 21.1K, just for fun.

It worked! Having set myself that goal, I’ve found that I’ve gone back to running – every day, early in the morning, no matter what the weather or how I feel.

Success! All it took was a little bit of …



  1. hmm yes this is a hard one. I want to be a free zen runner BUT.. I still have goals that drive me to run. I’m trying to find balance.

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