Better Weather, More Running

I’m finally taking some time to post. I’ve been busy with work and personal things, but have also taken time to run almost every day. That’s been a little easier to fit in because the weather’s improved somewhat. Spring here in southern Ontario is always a bit dicey. As soon as most of the snow is gone, Canadians tend to shed heavy coats, pack outdoor restaurant patios, and expect warmth. Reality is far different, though, and we never seem to learn. Warm weather is still a long way off.

That said, it’s getting better. Last Sunday, it was cold enough (-4C, with snow and 40 km.h winds) that I wore my Invisible Shoe huaraches and Injinji socks on my 18K run (along with tights, a jacket, a hat, and gloves). The rest of the week I ran barefoot, but in temperatures that, with the windchill factored in, hovered just either side of 0C. That makes for cold feet, but not so cold that it’s really uncomfortable. Yesterday, the temperature was all of 7C and the sun shone brightly, so I was in bare feet again, but still wearing tights, a hat, and a wind vest.

It’s 6C right now, and raining quite heavily. This afternoon, the temperature’s supposed to climb to 19C. If the rain stops, I’ll go for a short run. If not, I’ll take a rest day. Tomorrow, I’d like to do 18K barefoot. I’ve got some bruising on the ball of my right foot, so may wear my huaraches. Afternoon temps of 14C are forecast, so it may be a good day for a slow Sunday run. We’ll see.

Readers who aren’t Canadian may wonder at this preoccupation with the weather. Think about it, though. When you’ve just come through five months of snow, ice, and temperatures going down to -27C, it’s only natural to obsess a wee bit about sunshine.



  1. Swedes are also very interested in the weather. I don’t really get it as meteorologist seem to be the only occupation where you’re mostly do educated guesses which rarely are correct.

    I’m a bit irritated when it comes to huaraches. I seem to loose form somewhat when I run in them. The other day I almost ended up with really bad blistering on both feet. Maybe they don’t fit as they should. Or maybe I’m just to bad of a runner..(=in bad need of the “feet-coach” when running).

    1. The huaraches work well for me. This is my second pair, though, and it took me a while to get everything right. My first pair were Barefoot Ted’s pre-Luna sandals. They’re worked well, but not really well. Some of the holes were in the wrong places, and the leather laces were cumbersome. I learned a lot from wearing them. My current huaraches are from They’re a vast improvement – thinner soles, nylon laces, and the holes are all correctly positioned.

      As for meteorology, I’m fascinated by it. But I consider it more an art form than a hard science. 🙂

      1. Interesting! My huaraches are made from BFT’s diy kit. Also with leather laces. I have tweaked them a couple of times, adjusting the holes but they’ve never really fit that well (they tend to “rotate” on the foot). Maybe I should get the thinner material from invisible shoes next time.. I’m just worried that it’l get “floppy” in my size (28 cm long feet)

      2. One of my huaraches (the left) tended to rotate. I fixed that by finally getting the lace tension right (tight around the heel, not as tight across the top of the foot). For quite a while, the laces’ tension was different every time I put on the huaraches. Now I get it almost exactly right each time.

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