Two Days, Two Seasons

Ah, the joys of Canadian weather! Yesterday afternoon, I did a short 5.5K run in bright sunshine and 23C temperatures. This morning, I did a 20K run; the temperature was 6C and the sky was overcast. For a sun/heat junkie like me, it was almost heartbreaking.

For both runs, I wore my Invisible Shoe huaraches. I’m still pampering that bruised spot on the ball of my right foot, and the 4mm Vibram sole on the huaraches are just the thing. Yesterday, I went out in shorts and a singlet. Today, I looked (and felt) more like a scuba-diver than a runner – tights, a long-sleeve shirt, a wind-vest, and a toque. It took longer than usual this morning to get the natural opiates going. In fact, it wasn’t until about the 8K mark that the cold-weather grumps dissipated, and the really good feelings didn’t come on until about kilometer 12. Ah well, you do what you can, I guess.

It’s going to be warm – and stay warm – soon. I know it.


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