Improving Endurance

Whether you run long distances or short, whether you want to go quickly or are content to just cruise along, you probably want to improve your endurance. Run long, run strong – it’s all part of becoming a better and happier runner. To that end, I want to refer you to an excellent article about boosting one’s endurance.

The article is by running legend Amby Burfoot. Burfoot’s currently an editor at Runner’s World World, but his story goes ‘way back. He won the Boston Marathon in 1968 with a time of 2:22:17 (a very good time in those days), and ran a personal best of 2:14:28.8 in the 1968 Fukuoka Marathon. As of 2008, he’d run the Manchester Road Race 46 times in a row, winning it nine times, and continues to run the Boston Marathon at five-year intervals, marking his 1968 win. He’s also the author of The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life.

Short story long… The man’s got cred.

The article’s a good one. It draws from a number of very different sources, is easily understandable, and can (I think) be applied to almost every runner. You can read the full article here. To give you a taste of what you’ll find behind the link, here are the seven steps Burfoot talks about.

Plan 1: Take One Step At a Time
Plan 2: Run Yasso 800s
Plan 3: Run Long and Slow
Plan 4: Make Every Workout Count
Plan 5: Do Plyometrics
Plan 6: Run Longer Tempo Runs
Plan 7: Run Long and Fast

There’s an awful lot of good stuff in the article. I’m willing to bet that following these seven steps (and only these seven steps) will make a huge difference in my – and your – endurance. In fact, I’m going to start putting them in place right away!



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