I’m Doing the Half

I’ve decided that – barring personal injury, natural disaster, or the end of the world as we know it – I’m going to run the Mississauga Half Marathon after all. To do that, I’ll have to get past my dislike of crowds, noise, and hoopla, and simply do the race as a fun run. Consequently, I’m not going to wear a watch, and may even not report my finishing time. That sounds odd, I know, and sort of goes contrary to the usual reasons for running a race. But, as I’ve said in an earlier post, I’m already registered for this one, and the start is only about 10 minutes from my home. It’s also kind of a pretty route (in a decidedly unpretty city), and that in itself will be pleasant.

I’m trying to keep in mind something Barefoot Ted McDonald wrote on his blog a while ago. To summarize, it was all about getting over oneself (and one’s hangups) and enjoying the party that a big race can be.

The Mississauga Half takes place on Sunday, May 15. So, for the next week and a half or so, I’m going to take it easy. No long runs, just short ones. Some fast, some slow. Maybe I’ll get back to that gravel track. Maybe I’ll even try a short trail run. In any case, I’ll try to stay relaxed, loose, and cheerful, and then enjoy the race.



  1. I’m running the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Vermont on June 5th. I ran this last year and loved it. It was my first race after discovering minimalist running. Of the three races I’ve run, it was by far the best organized and most fun. This year is their 20th anniversary so I’m excited to see what they have planned – it’ll be hard to top last year’s.

  2. Glad you decided to run it. I’m personally looking forward to running my next half in June.

    1. Thank you for the affirmation and support, Daniel. It means a lot.

      What’s the name of the half you’ll you do in June?

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