Aaron T. recently left a comment asking for a video of “lift before you touch,” which is one of Ken Bob Saxton’s fundamental mantras. Actually, Aaron asked if I would make a video showing this. I’m going to do that. In the meantime, though, the following very short video will show what Aaron’s referring to.

The video is from Dr. Daniel Liberman’s Skeletal Biology Lab at Harvard University (the link is also on my blogroll.) In it, you can see how the barefoot runner touches the ground, moves through footfall, and lifts off. If you watch it a few times (it’s in slow motion), you’ll see, I think, what Saxton means by “start lifting your foot before it touches the ground.”

Here’s the vid:

More on this later.



  1. Thank you for finding that and posting it Alan. I appreciate it…I was thinking of lifting more as in a marching band style of lifting…Which is why I found it extremely odd…But now that I’ve seen an actual video, I realize it’s more of the though of lifting, rather so much than actually lifting. I really appreciate it.

    1. In fact, it’s very much real lifting rather than just the thought of it. If you watch the video repeatedly, it becomes clear that the runner starts to lift his feet as it approaches the ground. The marching band aspect of it is more part of the “bend your knee” thing.

      Glad you found it interesting, and I hope it helps with your form.

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