Wall of Fame

I’ve added a printed, framed version of this image to my Wall of Fame. (Click on the image to see it at full resolution.)

Keep on truckin'

I don’t really like getting my picture taken, but having photos of past races in my treadmill room is a just a feel-good kind of thing. It’s also a help in the long winter months, when I’m rolling out silly long distances on the ‘mill. As well as 8X10s of the races I’ve done since I got back to running in 2008, I’ve got a couple of smaller, much older photos tacked onto my corkboard. One’s a photo taken of me finishing my first marathon in 1980, and the other is of me running in a 10K in 1981. It’s interesting to see how I’ve changed over the years, both in appearance and in running style.

On another wall of the treadmill room are the race medals I’ve collected over the past three years. It’s all vanity, I know, but…



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