Runstreak: Day 21

It seems I’m well into this runstreak thing. Today’s 18k run was my twenty-first consecutive day of running. No rest days, no off days, just lots of running. It’s not a conventional running or training program. But it works for me. In fact, I wish I’d discovered it long ago.

The past three weeks have settled into a nice pattern. Visually, each week has a shape like the letter W: a long run on Sunday; short distances on Monday and Tuesday; a middle distance run on Wednesday; short distances on Thursday, and Friday; a slightly longer run on Saturday; and a long run on Sunday. This week, for example, it’s translating as follows:

Sunday: 20K
Monday: 8K (4K going to work, 4K coming home from work)
Tuesday: 8K (same as above)
Wednesday: 18K
Thursday: 8K (4K and 4K)
Friday: 8K (4K and 4K)
Saturday: 8K
Sunday: either 22K or 25K

Each week, I’m increasing my Wednesday and Sunday distances a bit. I’ve been able to do so without much effort and without injury. The shorter weekday distances serve as recovery runs, as relaxation/utility runs, and as times when I can check out my form and play with cadence.

So far, so good. As I said in a previous post, I have no specific plan or goal with this runstreak thing. When I decide to take a day off, I will. Until then, though, I’m having a lot of fun with it!



  1. That streak thing is indeed an interesting thing. I had also done one a couple months ago, and it was also unintensional – just running while it feels like running. I ended up with 36 consecutive days. It was fun.

  2. That’s really nice!
    I think I might try some “commute running” myself this friday (not the whole way yet, it’s roughly a half-marathon but from the train station it’s around 2.5k).
    It can also save a lot of time.

    1. Yes, my commute runs seem to be good time management. That’s part of their appeal for me. They’re also a different kind of run from the others I do, in terms of purpose and style, so bring about their very own pleasures.

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