RaceReady Shorts and Singlet

RaceReady packageMy new RaceReady shorts and singlet arrived a few days ago. I’ve now had a few opportunities to run in them (mostly on my barefoot commutes to and from work), and can affirm that they’re just as wonderful as I thought they’d be. I already own a pair of RR shorts and an RR singlet, you see, so sort of knew what to expect. My previous pair are quite colourful – the shorts are blue and the singlet is yellow (think of the colours of the Swedish flag). My new RR gear is black. The only other difference between old and new is that my previous pair of shorts feature a set of pockets (for gels, etc.) in the back, while the new shorts are pocketless.

“The ne plus ultra of running

The shorts are a high-cut, split-side model. I like that because they’re about as minimalist as I can go and still be decently covered, and because they’re light, cool, and less likely to chafe. There’s a handy, secure pocket on the outside of the shorts, unlike most running shorts, which have the pocket inside the waistband. I find that far more comfortable. The waistband features a nice, wide 1½” elastic, and the shorts are also available in navy blue, red, and royal blue. The shorts material is CoolMax, and the built-in brief is a very soft CoolMax crepe. Price? A very reasonable US$24.95.

RaceReady shorts

I’ve worn running shorts from a number of different manufacturers, from those made for a nationally-known Canadian running shop to those marketed by the biggest names in running clothing. But RaceReady shorts are, in my opinion, are simply the best. In fact, you could justifiably call them the “ne plus ultra” of running apparel.

Both my old and new singlets are RaceReady’s “workout” model. That distinguishes them from RR’s “racing” singlets, which have built-in snap fasteners for attaching race bibs. These workout singlets are also made of CoolMax, and come in red, yellow, orange, white, lime, and royal blue, as well as black. Singlet price is US$20.95.

Shorts pocket and logo

I don’t know whether it’s a matter of having tried a whole lot of different makes and models of shorts, or the fact that I’ve become more demanding as I get older, but having the right kit matters a lot to me. I’m really glad I found RaceReady. The design of their stuff is excellent and the quality is superb. I think I’ve found my drug of choice as far as running gear is concerned.

(Note: Not only do the folks at RaceReady produce top-notch running apparel, they also provide excellent customer service. My thanks and a tip of the barefoot hat to Tim V. of RaceReady for helping to sort out my order.)

I like my new “all black” look. It goes well with my summer tan and tattoos. It seems to me that I need a moniker to go with it, sort of a “nom de race.” I’m not sinister enough to be Darth Vader, and I’m not graceful enough to be a ninja, so it’ll have to be something else.

Hmmm. How about The Darkness? Yes, that’s it! I’ll be The Darkness!

“Look out! It’s The Darkness!”



  1. Love their split shorts too! Don’t understand why so many guys feel uncomfortable with exposed skin. Running is about moving your legs, and long legged shorts just get in the way. If you’re currently running with 4 in or longer inseams, try these. You may never go back!

  2. Looks really comfy!
    I think I’m gonna get a pair if those short shorts one day. Wife don’t really like me wearing those though 😉

    I also have my tattoos in mind when I choose clothing! 🙂

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