Long Weekend

To me, a long weekend means I’ve got a little more time to run. So, this weekend, among the other things I did to celebrate Canada Day, I ran. 20K on Friday, 5K yesterday, and 12K today. I had wanted a longer run today, but had a few other things to do as well. Not to worry. What I have is good, and I’m not complaining.

Both Friday and today’s runs were along my usual “longer distance” route, a straight, out-and-back along sidewalks. Yesterday’s short run was a delightful cruise along side streets in our neighbourhood. One wonderful thing common to all three was real, honest-to-goodness summer heat. This morning, for example, it was 25C (with the humidity, it felt like 30C). The sun was shining brightly and strongly. I was in my element.

Sometimes, the essentials – heat, the ground, and movement – are all I need.


  1. Hey Alan,
    I was wondering how you manage to go all these long distances ? Do you prepare your self any specific way or is it just second nature to you ?

    1. The distances I’m running now aren’t all that long. I’m buildiing up to longer distances, but still need more work on my form to do them barefoot (and keep smiling).

  2. Hey Alan
    I was wondering have you considering long distance cycling?
    here in BC we have the BC randonneurs which is a lot of fun and really relaxing do you have things like that in Ontario ?

    1. In fact, I was a member of Randonneurs Ontario for seven years (until 2004), and served on its Board of Directors (as Brevet Coordinator) for two of those years. Some good memories. I don’t cycle anymore, though.

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