More Huaraches

Yesterday, I ordered another Invisible Shoe DIY huarache kit. This will be my second pair. (I’ve also owned a pair of Barefoot Ted’s huaraches.) If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a big Invisible Shoe fan.

Why a second pair? Well, my current pair work well, but I think I can tweak the positioning of the lace holes a little bit, and have the new pair fit perfectly. Then I can convert my current pair of huaraches to a slip on/slip off lacing and use them for casual wear. I’ll keep the traditional round-the-ankle lacing on the new pair, and use those for long distance and winter runs.

I’ve run in my huaraches on my last two runs, as it happens. I have a little tenderness on the ball of my right foot again (more on that in a subsequent post), so wore my huaraches on yesterday’s commute runs to and from the office (6.5K each way), and today’s mid-week long run (20K). As much as I love running barefoot (and will always do that if I can), my huaraches are invaluable when conditions require a little protection.

Once again, I urge you as strongly as possible – whether you’re an experienced barefoot runner or new to the game – get yourself a pair of Invisible Shoe huaraches. If you do, one day you’ll thank me for the nudge.



  1. Actually, Invisible Shoes just debuted a new product on Friday night. The soles were developed as an improvement over the Vibram, come in 4mm and 6mm thicknesses, and are more comfortable, contoured to your foot, and include a dual-chevron pattern on the bottom for traction. It is all on the home page but you can learn more about the new sole and how it is different here

    Staci and Alan we are glad you like them πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, Gina, I noted that news in my recent “Breaking News: Invisible Shoe” post. In fact, I’ve already been in touch with Lena about this, and understand that she has sent me a Connect and a Contact kit for review. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity!

  2. I will be ordering an additional pair of invisibe shoes soon too. I love mine, have done 2000kms and after my ultra, they are worn down. I will keep this pair for my trail runs tho’.

  3. ..Sorry for the late reply, I fell asleap πŸ˜‰

    I have moved the holes around 2-3 times. Shaved off excess rubber to make the sandal fit better. The last thing I did was to lay a new footbed out of an old suede jacket. Feels really nice! The old footbed was really slick thin skin wich caused too much friction and blisters.

    1. You have a pair of Luna’s, don’t you? I find the 4mm sole of the Invisible Shoe huarache more comfortable than the 6mm sole of the Luna. Odd that this small difference should be so noticeable. The big difference, though, is the nylon laces on the Invisible Shoe, which are much more comfortable than the Luna’s leather laces.

      1. Yes a pair of diy Lunas, modded multiple times to get a nice fit. πŸ˜‰
        I think the 4mm invisible shoe rubber is a different kind of vibram sole also. Cherry instead of neoprene.

      2. You’re right. The Invisible Shoe soles are cherry. That’s all that’s on offer, I think. What mods did you do on your Lunas?

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