Breaking News: Invisible Shoes

When I fired up my RSS feed reader this morning, I saw some very exciting news from Invisible Shoe, makers of my favourite minimalist huaraches. IS has a new outsole called FeelTrue. It’s different in a number of ways from the standard Invisible Shoe outsole, in that it’s contoured, has a subtle arch and heel cup, and has a slight “toe spring” to keep the sole closer to the foot. It comes in two thicknesses (4mm and 6mm) and a new dual-chevron tread pattern. You can find all the details here.

Darn! I recently ordered my second Invisible Shoe standard DIY huarache kit. The kit is, as we speak, on its way here from Invisible Shoe headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. The FeelTrue looks so good, though, that I’ve written to the good folks at Invisible Shoe, asking if I can exchange that order for a FeelTrue kit. Stay tuned for more news!



  1. Very Kool! I’m not so keen on their selling points about the arch and the toe spring as those are the down to shoes but their claim that theres not support coming from those features is reasuring. Its great that they made a pair for running and that fit better so they don’t move as much. I am thinking about getting a pair now… 😉

    1. My reading of the FeelTrue product is that it’s simply a (slightly) shaped sole. It makes some sense to me, and I’ve done a fair number of kilometers on my current Invisible Shoe huaraches. I plan to order a pair too.

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