Upcoming Reviews

Thanks to the good folks at Invisible Shoe, I will soon have two new pairs of huaraches to review. I’m going to get my hands on (and feet into) Invisible Shoe’s new FeelTrue Connect and Contact models.

These new huaraches were announced just a few days ago. It was exciting news, as I think Steven Sashen of Invisible Shoe has done something significant – improved the minimalist huarache without losing the minimalism. I’ve been impressed with my Invisible Shoe huaraches because they’re simple – just a rubber sole and some nylon lace, so I can get a barefoot feel with some protection.

But there’s always progress. The Connect and Contact models look like a real improvement on an already excellent product. They have a little bit of shape to them, for one thing. More importantly, the sole material used in both models has been designed specifically for running huaraches. The Connect material is 4mm, while the Contact’s is 6mm. Steven’s gone to some real effort with this initiative, and I have feeling the results are going to be worthwhile.

I’ll do do extensive testing on sidewalks, pavement, and trails to see how each of them work. I’ll do two full reviews, one for each product. I’m excited – this is going to be serious fun!

While you’re waiting for the reviews, have a look at the Connect and Contact info on the Invisible Shoe site. And stay tuned!

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