The Next Giveaway?

It’s time to start thinking about the next Barefoot Journey giveaway. The last two (for an Invisible Shoe huarache kit and a copy of Ken Bob Saxton’s “Barefoot Running Step by Step”) have been successful and fun. So I’m going to run another giveaway, with the prize to be given away sometime in the early Fall.

Once again, I’m asking for input re what the prize might be. Keep in mind that the final choice will be mine – but your comments will help me choose something that most people would like. (After all, that’s the real point of a giveaway, isn’t it?)

First, a little background about the options:

1/ George Sheehan’s “Running and Being” was my bible when I started running 30 years ago. It’s back in print, so I’ve just ordered a copy, which I’ll review soon on this blog. Here are a couple of worthy quotes about Sheehan and the book.

“With Running&Being, George sets the standard. It remains the philosophical bible for all runners and is a genuine classic. This should be mandatory reading for any athlete looking for answers to the game of life.” Joe Henderson, Runner’s World

“George’s mind always outran us. More than anyone, he widened running’s moral purpose, which was not to live longer but to live better, to have more energy and self-worth and clarity for all the more important things to do in life.” Robert Lipsyte, New York Times

2/ Hammer Nutriton products are the only nutritional supplements I use (specifically, HEED, Hammer Gels, and Perpetuum; and I’m about to give Recoverite a try), either for training or racing. They’re made with natural products, they’re suitable for vegan or kosher diets, and they work. So I’d be happy to put together a package of single serving Hammer products for you to try.

3/ Another Invisible Shoe DIY huarache kit. This would be the standard (not the new FeelTrue model) huarache kit, in either the standard or large foot size. You already know how I feel about Invisible Shoe huaraches. They’re simply the best – the only – kit a barefoot runner needs besides his or her own feet.

Here goes…



  1. I went with the book – I love reading and running books from “the early days” are my favourite.
    I already have IS huaraches and am not that much into supplements.
    Thanks for asking Alan.

  2. I give the huaraches a second vote!

    I actually won a hammer heed (1 serving) in another give away and haven’t tried it yet. I’m a bit skeptical towards gels, drinks and all that but I’ve read a bunch of times that you use heed so I might just give it a try when my body is up for a longer run πŸ™‚

    1. Looks like the huaraches are leading…

      I was skeptical of all fueling supplements for quite a while. Tried lots of them, and even made my own electrolyte drinks and energy bars (though never gels). I first discovered HEED when doing a 50K ultra a couple of years ago, and found that ti worked well. Then I tried Perpetuum, which is good for runs (or rides, you’re a cyclist) of over three hours. Again, it worked. Lastly, I tried Hammer Gels. I’d never liked any of the previous gels I’d tested, but the vanilla flavour Hammer gel is different. I know that personal preference always plays a part in this kind of thing, but I like the nutritional science behind Hammer products.

  3. I can second the Hammer Nutrition “thumbs up”. Of course I’m already hooked – I was at that point when I needed to start thinking about fueling, and because YOU picked it, I decided to go that route. See! You’re a trend setter πŸ˜‰

    I was really surprised when I first tried Recoverite – I actually said to a friend, “I feel like I’m cheating”. Everyone is different, but this stuff really works for me. I use it after every run and make sure it’s in my bag for after every race. Since I’m pitching – my favorite flavor gel is Montana Huckleberry, I’ve not tried all the other flavors, but what I have tried were a little too sweet or tart for my taste. The unflavored is actually really good too, but it does only comes in the bulk 26 serving bottles.

    I picked the book – sounds like a good read.

    1. Daniel, I’ve tried a number of fueling products, and none of them measure up to Hammer’s stuff. I’m glad it works for you too. (My favourite gel flavour is vanilla.)

      Thanks for voting. I think you and “Running and Being” are made for each other. πŸ™‚

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