More 10K Race Stuff

Here are some followup photos from the Downtown Dash 10K race that I did on July 14.

First, here’s a photo of the medal I received for the race. In my race report, I rather uncharitably described it as “cheesy.” It isn’t, really, just not on a par with medals I’ve received for finishing other races. It’s plain, shiny chrome, and looks (to me, anyway) a bit like low-end car parts bling. But a medal is a medal, after all, and this one hangs on my Wall of Fame, along with all the others.

Downtown Dash 10K medal

The next photo is of something quite unexpected. Last year, I registered for the Road Warrior Running program – then promptly forgot that I’d done so. (The program places all runners in a Road Warrior-designated race virtually at the same running ability. So, if you finish in a Road Warrior race, you’re ‘in the running’ for one of the top three finishing spots that earns a prize and for series points. It’s kind of a cool way to recognize non-elite runners and to promote local races.) A few days after the Downtown Dash, I received an email saying that I had won a Road Warrior hat for my Dash finishing time and position. The hat arrived a few days after that. Bonus swag!

Road warrior!



  1. Cheesey? Come on, that medal is A MEDAL. The Road Warrior program is a really cool idea. Must check out if there’s anything similar in the UK. Congratulations, again, on the race, Alan, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Alan:

    Agreed; the medal is on the cheesey side, but as you say, “…a medal is a medal.”

    In terms of the hat, congratulations! You ARE a Road Warrior, so it is truly apropos.


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