Fartlek, with Cop

I had a wonderful, exuberant barefoot run this morning. It was at a strong, fast pace, with some fartlek thrown in for good measure.

I wore my tie dye shorts to welcome the weekend, and practiced not scowling, so that I’d present better in my next finish line photo. šŸ™‚

However, all that cheerfulness didn’t keep me from being pulled over by the local constabulary once again. (That’s the third time this year, which is a new – and unwanted – PB for me.) It turned out that this one wears VFFs for working out and running short distances, and has even heard of barefoot running.

Which prompts me to ask: why did he stop me? When I asked him that, he said “Just to make sure you’re OK, sir.”

Good grief! Do I look that feeble when I run? Am I beginning to look decrepit? Is my running form really that bad?



  1. They are just intrigued. I’d probably stop you myself in shear awe of what you are doing. At least they aren’t threatening you or truly being pests.

    1. With all due respect, Aaron, I don’t think they’re intrigued. And one of the times I was stopped by cops last year ended up with the cops being verbally abusive, though I didn’t hassle him in any way. And yes, they are being pests.

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