Again With the Hill Repeats

I had another good barefoot hill repeat session this morning. I’m buying into the theory that hill repeats will make me stronger, and I’ve got a race – the VRPro Dundas Cactus 10K – coming up on Sunday.

As I did last week, I ran a 3.5K warmup, at a reasonably relaxed pace, and then ran my usual highway overpass “hill” eight times. Each hill set comes in at 500m, and is approximately a 6% grade. Then I ran a 3.5K cooldown to get home again.

I worked hard to keep my pace up and down the hills consistent, changing only my stride length ( a little shorter), my posture (leaned forward a little bit), and my cadence (ever so slightly quicker). The result was that I felt well and truly wasted by the end of the hill set. The upside was that I felt markedly stronger than I did after last week’s hill repeat session.

Will see how this plays out at Sunday’s race. However that happens, I’m going to continue with my weekly hill repeats, in hope that they will be an advantage in my following race – the Oakville Half Marathon on September 25.


  1. Nice run Alan. It’s good to keep your running multi-dimensional. Gives you something new, and keeps your body from becoming to complacent. I look forward to your race report for the upcoming weekend.

    1. Thanks, Aaron! I’ll try to include at least a thumbnail photo with the race report. Hopefully, this one will be a little less scary than the last. 🙂

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