Easy Running

Earlier today, I did a relaxed, easy pace barefoot run around the neighbourhood. As there was very little traffic, I was able to do the whole thing on the roads, rather than having to run on sidewalks. There’s more debris on the sidewalks, and running on the roads means not having to fuss with driveways, curb cuts, and the like. Suburban street pavement around here is decent, so it’s good barefoot surface.

The weather was almost ideal at mid-morning, when I did the run. 27C (with the humidex factored in, it felt like 30C), clear skies and bright sunshine, and a light wind.

Dundas Cactus 10K My goal for this run was simply to set up my legs, heart, and head for Sunday’s Dundas Cactus 10K. Happily, everything seemed to be in working order. I’m looking forward to the 10K. It’s a nice distance for a summer morning race, and the route (a double loop, through a small-town park and on nearby side streets, then back into the park) sounds very pleasant.

I’ll post to dailymile after I finish the race, and will post a full race report here soon afterwards. Stay tuned!



  1. ” I’m looking forward to the 10K”

    NIce to hear you talking in that manner with you recent(ish) outlook on things races. To enjoy the moment is the key, not shaving bits of seconds of a previous time, nice if it happens but going into it “looking forward to it” sets up for a good race. Are you planning on going bare or invisible?
    Jason on the comeback trail

    1. Definitely doing it barefoot. And your comments are spot on. “Looking forward to it” gets me into exactly the right head space.

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