Early Bird

This morning, I registered for the Mississauga Half Marathon. It will take place on Sunday, May 6, 2012.

Why did I register so early? Well, there’s the price discount, of course. As with most races, the sooner one registers, the lower the registration fee is. Not a huge amount, but it’s better than full price. (The full price for the Mississauga Half is CDN$80. By registering now, I paid only CDN$50. I can buy one new hardcover book – or a couple of paperbacks – with that $30!) But the real reason for signing on early is that I’ll get a low bib number. I hope so, anyway. I don’t know why that matters, it just does – and I’m not going to worry about the deep psychology behind that.

I’ll run the race barefoot, of course, and will hopefully have a finishing time better than the rather shabby 2:12:39 I pulled off in May of this year for the Mississauga Half.



  1. I was going to wait until the last minute but may join you in an early entry… just to be sure of getting in at all. (apparently it was oversubscribed this year.)

  2. Psychology.
    A year or so ago I entered my niece for a fun run (age 7?) I knew the race organisers and was able to secure No1 for her. She, obviously was unaware of this, but when I unrolled the number to reveal No1 the look on her face was priceless. It matters, but not always, in ways you can readily explain.

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