It’s that time of year again. My racing season is done, the weather’s getting colder, and it’s dark earlier in the mornings and evenings. So it’s natural to look at transitioning from what turned out to be an unexpectedly good season of running and racing to a short period of rest and recovery and then planning for next year.

Some changes have already arrived. I’ve not run for the past two days, which is unusual for me. (That said, in the three days prior, I ran 16K, 20K, and then another 20K.) Oddly enough, it feels right and comfortable not to have run. I’m long past the point when I’m wired to a program, having finally learned to let things go a bit and simply relax. I have a feeling that, in time, I’ll get back to running long, slow distances, either in my Invisible Shoe huaraches or barefoot on the treadmill, and work at laying down a good endurance base for next year.

It’s also time to read more, both about running and my other favourite subjects (i.e., psychology, philosophy, and economics), and perhaps write some book reviews for this blog. I’ll also register for a couple of early 2012 races, and begin planning for my annual mid-winter holiday in the heat.

It all sounds very good to me. I’m just hoping that I can stay as cheerful once the snow, ice, and cold arrive.


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