Around the Blogs

I’m a bit of a blog junkie. I follow a lot of them, on a daily basis, and on a wide variety of topics. So I thought I’d share three recent posts from three of my favourite blogs.

First, “Do runners get less efficient as they age?,” from Alex Hutchinson’s excellent Sweat Science blog. In it, he looks at a University of New Hampshire research study that tried to answer the questions, “Do you become less efficient (in translating oxygen consumption into forward motion) as you get older, or do you keep the same efficiency while working with a smaller total capacity?” The study’s results may surprise you. Check out Alex’s post via this link.

Next, a compelling post titled “The little lie of barefoot running,” written by Steven Sashen, creator of Invisible Shoe minimalist huaraches. In it, Steven argues that “As the barefoot running boom continues to explode, it’s important that we debunk the mythology that’s sprung up and face some facts. And perhaps the most obvious fact is this: If you run with anything between your skin and the ground, you are not a barefoot runner.” I know I’ve said the same thing more than once in my own blog posts, but Steven says it better than I, and much more persuasively. Check out the full post via this link, and, while you’re at it, take the time to have at the Invisible Shoe site.

Last, a post from Amby Burfoot’s Runner’s World/Peak Performance blog titled “Not for Marathoners Only: What Are the Latest Recommendations for Fluid and Carbohydrate Consumption While Running?” In it, Burfoot takes a shot at answering the old questions “How much should I drink in a race? How many carbs should I attempt to take in?” These are critical questions for recreational as well as competitive and elite runners, and Burfoot helps a lot by offering some of the hard science behind the theories. Follow this link to read the post.

Hope you enjoy this turn around the blogs. If you do, let me know, and I’ll see I can do something like it on a regular basis.



  1. Hey Alan. I missed you at birthdayshoes and decided to see what you were up to. I’m glad you’re doing well and running. We are buying our first house and it’s been pretty busy here. See you around sometime.

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