Around The Blogs 27/10/11

Once again, here are some of the more interesting running- and exercise-related posts I’ve seen recently on the blogosphere. Hope you find them worth a read!

First, from Alex Hutchinson’s always-excellent Sweat Science blog, a post on The British Journal of Sports Medicine’s analysis of the most recent Cochrane Review on stretching to prevent or reduce muscle soreness. The conclusion? “Stretching before or after exercise does not reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness.” Read the post via this link.

Next, from Science of Running, a post about training to kick, i.e., a look at the physiology behind the kick. I admit that there’s a little self-interest going on here, as I’m learning to incorporate kicks into my training runs. It’s a good article. Read all about it via this link.

And last, from Science-Based Running, a post that doesn’t apply to me at all. I don’t even wear a watch while training or racing, much less a GPS-enabled gadget, but if you’re of the majority of runners who do, you may want to learn how to adjust for GPS elevation. Hope it helps! Follow this link to read the post.


One comment

  1. I’ll be sure to have a look at these. I’m most interested in the kick article as well. Like you I don’t wear a watch to keep pace or anything when I run, hopefully it’ll help out those that do.

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