Invisible Shoe Anniversary Sale

Steven Sashen at Invisible Shoes is celebrating the company’s second anniversary with a big sale.

From now until midnight, November 28th, you can get 25% off all the stuff at Invisible Shoes, including custom-made FeelTrue kits, extra laces, decorative add-ons, and even the limited edition coloured Vibram Cherry kits. (That’s in addition to the 25% off the already discounted prices on Invisible Shoes FeelTrueoutsoles.) You can also get Invisible Shoes Gift Certificates on the site, though they’re not discounted.

Steven’s also added something new – a 5,000 mile warranty on FeelTrue outsoles. That means that if you wear out your outsoles in fewer than 5,000 miles, he’ll replace them for only a small shipping and handling fee fee. (I can’t imagine the FeelTrue soles wearing out – ever – but it’s always good to know that the manufacturer has that kind of confidence in his product.)

So, if you’ve been dithering about whether to get yourself a pair of the best minimalist huaraches on the market (or give a pair to someone else), get yourself over to Invisible Shoes, and do the needful. You won’t go wrong.

Disclaimer: I’m an Invisible Shoes affiliate, which means that, if you go to the links I’ve given above and buy a pair of huaraches, I get a small commission. Just want to be upfront about that.


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