And So It Begins

I’m now into week one of my training program for the Sarasota Half Marathon. (That’s 18 weeks of training, if anyone but me is counting. It’ll bring me to the Half on Sunday, March 11, 2012.)

I’m kind of glad to have begun training. The rest/transition time I’ve had through the past few weeks has been nice, but it’s good to get back to a routine, especially one that’s goal-oriented and progressive. It’s not so much that I’m driven by goals as that I do better with routines (or schedules, or habits, call them what you will) than without.

As I’ve mentioned before, the program is something I’ve cobbled together out of training regimes I’ve tried before, things I’ve learned by trial and error along the way, and some new things I want to try. Because I’ve set myself a 1:50 finishing time as a goal for Sarasota, this new program includes a lot more tempo, hill, and speed work than I’m used to. But it’s based on the standard easy day/hard day, one long slow run a week that almost all runners follow. (My ambitious finishing time goal means, of course, that “hard” will be more intense and focused than what I’ve done before.)

Of necessity, most of my training throughout the winter will happen on my treadmill. I’ll try as much as possible to do my long Sunday runs outdoors, at least until the weather and roads get really nasty. I’ll keep on doing 100Up sets as a prelude to each training session, and will try to make time for some upper body workouts as well. Starting around Christmas time, I’ll do the 100Ups as gravel bucket sessions, and so (hopefully) keep the soles of my feet reasonably well conditioned.

As I write this, it’s -4C outside if you factor in the windchill. It’s going to get a lot colder than that before too long. But, with my trusty treadmill, my training program, and a couple of photos of palm trees taped to the wall, I’m aimed directly at Sarasota.


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  1. I’m getting into the, I need a routine phase of my running. I’m getting restless, and a routine would keep me accountable for days when I don’t necessarily feel like running. I should be starting my winter program monday. Woohoo.

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