Around the Blogs 20/12/11

Once again, it’s time to look at some posts from the various exercise- and running-related blogs that I follow. Lots of good stuff here. I hope that they’ll be of interest to you.

First, something from Alex Hutchinson’s Sweat Science blog. This one is about the links between mental effort and physical fatigue. In summary, it suggests that the focus and mental effort required to push to your limits come at a cost, because those are finite quantities. Seems basic and obvious, but the science is fun to look at, and Hutchinson’s post has links to other studies on the same topic.

Next, The Lazy Runner’s Guide to Preventing Injuries, a guest post by Jason Fitzgerald on Matt Frazier’s No Meat Athlete blog. Good advice, and a good read. This is something well worth looking at and thinking about. More importantly, it makes sense to become injury-free if you can. Running shouldn’t mean hurting!

Last, an excellent article titled Pronation: Decelerating Naturally, originally posted on Rick Merriam’s Engaging Muscles blog. In it, Merriam says “When the foot can pronate successfully, you increase your chances of supinating or overcoming gravity successfully.” As with the previous post, this one just makes sense. Pronation is natural, and learning how it works can only do you good.


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