Around the Blogs 06.01.12

Once again, it’s time to share some interesting posts I’ve found on running- and exercise-related blogs. Hope you enjoy them!

On the Running Technique Tips blog, there’s an interesting post about Arthur Lydiard’s famous LSD (Long Slow Distance) training tool. The post lays out the theory behind the tool, then explores how and why it may not be for everyone. Worth a look and a careful read, I think!

Next, a report on a field study on how pre-race carb loading affects performance. This one’s from Alex Hutchinson’s Sweat Science blog. It’s based on a field study done on 257 runners who trained for the 2009 London Marathon.

Another good post from Alex’s blog is about training one leg to strengthen the other. (It’s of particular interest to me because of my hip issue.) The data comes from a recent Australian study.

That’s all for today. More good stuff coming soon!


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