Still Here

I’m still here. Honest.

I’ve been very lax about posting lately. No solid reasons for that, just a whole bunch of excuses. It’s winter, and I tend to get low in spirit and energy in the winter. I’ve had a couple of periods of dark depression, during which I could barely get through even the essentials. Walking our two greyhounds four times a day takes a good deal of my time. And I have all the usual stuff around work and home to keep me busy.

But I’ve also been training. Running five days each week, barefoot on the treadmill, doing steady, tempo, hill, and LSD runs. On my rest days, I’ve done stretching, planks, breathing exercises, and time in the good old gravel bucket. I’ve stuck to the plan I created in November and that I started following at the beginning of December. It’s been worth it – I’m running more strongly, more smoothly, and with a renewed sense of confidence.

The Sarasota Half Marathon happens on March 11. I’ve already registered, booked my flights, and made my hotel reservation. My goal – a lofty one – is to do it in 1:50. That’s a full seven minutes quicker than my current PB for the half! If my training continues to go well, I’m confident I’ll have the strength and quickness to do the needful. Of course, there are always factors I can’t control. One is that I can’t be sure that my soles will be adequately conditioned to race barefoot on a 21K pavement course after running all winter on the treadmill. Another is that I’ll go from Canadian March weather to the warmth and humidity of a Florida early spring with precious little time to acclimatize. (I’m flying down on Thursday afternoon and racing on Sunday morning.) Then there’s always the unforeseen – sometimes you do all the right things to prepare, and the race goes sideways anyway.

Never mind. I’m doing well so far, and I plan to keep on doing well. The darkest days of winter have passed, I’m getting better at this “go faster” thing, and race day is approaching.

Sounds good to me. Sounds very, very good.



  1. Alan:

    I’m happy to hear you’ve made it through you depression (although, I’m not happy to hear you were depressed). I’m equally happy to hear you’ve stuck to your training and that it’s going well.

    I’m quite certain, come March, you’ll do just fine. ;^)


    1. Thanks, Todd. This kind of raw ambition for a specific time goal is new to me, but I find that I’m enjoying. Whatever the result at Sarasota, the race will be a good one, I’m sure. And keeping to this training program is more enjoyable than I’d expected.

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