Here and Now

I’m just about to begin my fourth-last week of training for the Sarasota Half (out of an 18 week program). In many past training programs, when I got to this point, I felt stale, sometimes stale enough to bail out of the program and just run. Not this time, though. I’m still sussing out exactly why.

The point is – and it’s a point I’m celebrating with all that I am – is that I feel very good, and very happy to be here and now. I feel strong. I’m on target for my pacing at all the required levels (steady, tempo, and LSD). I feel remarkably fresh mentally, for all that I’m in the middle of a Canadian winter. I’m injury free. I’m ready for Sarasota!

I’ve got one more Wednesday hill session before I move to a couple of Wednesdays of speedwork. My Sunday long runs will go up to 18K and 20K. In the last week before the race, I’ll do a short (6K) Sunday run, and then two short runs (10K and 6K) at race pace (5:13 mins/km) before flying down to Sarasota.

For now, though, I’m happy to be right here. Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to the remainder of my training program!

What do you think?

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