Sarasota Half Marathon medal

When I started racing, I was incredibly chuffed about getting stuff for participating. Each new t-shirt and medal was a big event. Then, I suppose I got a little jaded. After all, I can only wear one t-shirt at a time, and the medals eventually began to look alike.

Until now. The finisher’s medal for the Sarasota Half Marathon is different. First of all, it’s big (“the biggest in the state,” say the organizers). Second, it’s colourful. Last, but not least, it’s really shiny. OK, I know I’m being a little crass. But heck, it’s big and colourful and shiny. What’s not to like?



  1. Race bibs and finisher metals. Those will be the things that will remain down the road long after the shirt has gone. The bibs say I participated, the metals say I participated and finished.

    I didn’t think the metal was all that important to me as it’s not why I run these things, but now that I’ve done a few I understand they carry some meaning, “I Did This”.

    A really nice metal like this one draws the eye right to it. I’m really impressed this is what they are giving out for a half-marathon as it’s even nicer than most marathon metals I’ve seen.

    Hah, just had a thought, I hope they don’t run out of them like they did at one of your halfs last year 😉

    1. My medals are in a shoebox somewhere, and my race bibs are stacked underneath a pile of paper in my home office. I’m unwilling to trash them, so I suppose they mean something. But they’re not significant to me. (Most of my race shirts are in a plastic garbage bag somewhere in my closet. I usually find them too gaudy or not comfortable enough to wear for training, and wouldn’t dream of wearing them in a race.)

      That makes me sound like a real buzzkill, doesn’t it? 🙂

      1. But you do have a “Wall”, yes? You’ve mentioned ordering race photos.

        Yes, most clothing swag from these races are clearly designed to discourage actual wear.

        I actually gave my Hyannis long-sleeve shirt to my sister, she likes bright orange. If it were a tech shirt I might have kept it for running, but not for just wearing around.

      2. Yes, I used to have a Wall of Fame, with bib numbers, medals, and photos. No more, though – all that stuff is put away in various places. The last race photos I’ve ordered have been in digital format, which I’ve used in race reports on my blog.

        Funnily enough, one of the few race shirts I will wear on training runs is an orange long-sleeve tech shirt from one of the times I did the Around the Bay 30K. It’s a great shirt – soft, fits beautifully, and has only a small logo on the left breast and “Older Than Boston” written across the upper back. (AtB is the oldest foot race in North America, and is four years older than the Boston Marathon.) I like being “older than Boston.” 🙂

  2. Medals are a big thing for me – it can be the difference between abstaining and paying the big bucks to fly out to a faraway city. This medal is definitely the kind that would get me out to Sarasota. Stylish, original and even the ribbon looks classy.

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