Milton Half Marathon

Milton Half Marathon

This morning, I registered for the Milton Half Marathon, which takes place on Sunday, September 16 in Milton, Ontario. I had previously scheduled the Oakville Half as my September race, but swapped it for the Milton event for a few good reasons.

First, it’s a new event, sponsored by a small local running shop. It feels good to support a new initiative. Second, though I wish the organizers every success in getting a good turnout, it’s likely to be a comfortably-sized field, which suits me to a tee. I expect there’ll be some first-time glitches, but that’s OK by me. I can cope. Third, the route looks nice. It’s a long-sided rectangle, which means not too many changes in direction. That suits me too, as a lot of changes only confuse and tire me. And the race happens directly under the brow of the mighty Niagara Escarpment, one of the world’s great natural wonders. It’ll look quite spectacular in September.

Niagara Escarpment

Last, but not least, I’m looking forward to seeing some of my fellow dailymilers at this event. Most of these folks I’ve only met online, so a real time meet-and-greet will be most welcome.

The Milton Half will be my lead-up race to the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, which I’ll run on Sunday, October 25.


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