Hills Are My Friend


It’s Wednesday, and the Mississauga Half Marathon is only six weeks away. That means it’s time to get back into doing hills.

My hill repeats aren’t as dramatic as what you see in the image on the left. (Though they can sometimes feel like it.) I do my hill repeats on a highway overpass about 4K from my home. That gives me a nice distance for warmups and cooldowns, and the overpass itself, at about 5% grade, is a decent enough climb that I can make it a serious workout.

This morning I ran to the overpass, then did six repeats of the hill, at about 80% of maximum effort, then ran home again. Next week, I’ll do eight, and the week after that I’ll do ten. Subsequent Wednesdays will be reserved for speedwork and a couple of race pace runs. The hills and the speed will make me stronger for the upcoming half. (There’s only one small hill on the Mississauga course, but hill repeats are the quickest and simplest way to buld strength for any distance.)

Hills are my friend. It’s easy to say that now. It’ll be harder on the tenth repetition, two weeks from today. But that’s what training’s all about.



  1. I don’t enjoy hill repeats but I like hilly runs much more than flat ones. I guess my legs appreciate that not the same muscles work all the time.

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