Barefoot Running UK

Anna Toombs and David RobinsonAnna Toombs and David Robinson of Barefoot Running UK always do a fantastic job with their newsletters, which is why I post them for download when they come up.

This time, though, they’ve outdone themselves. Their latest offering is a full magazine, incorporating the newsletter, but with lots and lots more content. It’s a very impressive effort, and one which I commend to you.

You can view and download the magazine (a PDF-format file) here on the BFRUK website. (It’s titled “April 2012.) I’m giving you this link rather than the file itself, because I want you to visit the site, and see for yourself what the BFRUK goodness is all about.

I keep saying that one day I want to attend a Barefoot Running UK workshop. The more I learn about BFRUK, the more I believe that, in fact, one day it’s going to happen.



  1. Hi, I am having trouble finding their website, the link just dies on me. Any ideas? I enjoyed reading your blog by the way. I am new to this and was looking around for some good UK based sites and yours was the first I found.

    1. Thanks, Alan. That worked. I have just read your tweet about 20k run mostly on sidewalks. I run barefoot almost exclusively on roads. I find that my soles really feel the burn on the downhills. did you find that at first?

      1. Didn’t/don’t have that feeling on downhills, Chris. But I tend to be a bit gentle about those (much prefer running uphill), so that might be the reason. Try “floating” as much as possible, if that makes any sense.

  2. It was nice to see you in there too! I want to attend one of their workshops too – even up here in Scotland I’m closer than you by quite a bit, so I have no excuse…

    I’m looking forward to digesting the rest and I was very surprised when I printed it out that it needed the BIG stapler.

      1. I’ve finally got there, and great it was too. I’m going to send it to someone I know who’s having Achilles’ problems (viz the ‘runner’s triad’ article). I now realise they have a workshop scheduled in York (great place for big chaps in horned helmets), and that’s a whole lot closer than London. Do you have similar companies in the Promised Land (as we Scots tend to call it)?

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