Heading for the Half

According to the countdown widget on my smartphone’s home screen, the Mississauga Half Marathon is only nine days away. I’m well into my taper, and feeling good.

That’s mostly because I don’t have any specific goals for this race. I’ll run by feel, and only want to enjoy myself on the course. I’ve trained well, and I’m in a good head space. I’m going to use the Hammer-inspired fueling protocol I’ve been using on my last few long runs (no breakfast, an Endurolytes Fizz 30 minutes before the race, a Hammer Gel 5 minutes before the race start, HEED during the race, and some Recoverite immediately after the finish). I’ll start slowly, and run conservatively for the entire distance. To set the stage properly, I’m going to run to the start, which is only 2K and a bit from my front door. That’ll serve as a nice warmup.

I be jammin’, as the old saying goes. Slow jammin’, for sure, but sometimes that’s the best kind.


  1. Hi Alan! I was just beside you at the Mississauga starting line on Sunday and I secretly snapped a picture of your feet and posted it on my blog (http://ririnette.blogspot.ca) because I was really inspired to see you running again this year and in the same fantastic shape as I saw you last year, when you zoomed by me as we approached km 15. This year I did the full and it was much tougher than I expected, you can read more about it on my blog if you wish. I will continue to follow your journey and admire your commitment to running naturally. I hope to follow in your steps one day. Did you notice that there was another barefoot runner on Sunday? I’m glad to see the movement growing. Good luck in your future races and happy running!

    1. That’s great, Irina! I just read your blog post, and have will add your blog to my feed. Yes, I did notice the other BF runner. In fact, he and I chatted for a while as we ran through the UTM section of the route. Then he went on. (He was much quicker than I.) Thanks for your comment!

      1. I see you’re signed up for the Scotiabank Marathon in the fall. Me too! And as I think that we are running about the same pace right now, we may just share then road then for a while. See you then!

  2. Best luck Alan … You’ll do GREAT! Maybe next year I’ll do the double (TO & Miss). What am I saying… I haven’t even done a marathon yet. Keep an eye out for other barefooters, as I know at least one that is doing the Mississauga Half.

    1. Good to hear from you, Rod! Thanks for the good wishes. It would be great to see you at Mississauga next year; hope you can make it. And I’ll look for the other barefooters on Sunday.

  3. I used Hammer on my long bike rides. It worked really well. I like that it is not too sweet. Can’t stand most of the other powders or gels because of the amounts of sugar in them.

    1. I feel the same about the taste of Hammer products. Have tried a whole whack of other brands, for both ultra-distance cycling and running, and none have worked as well as the Hammer stuff.

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