Invisible Shoes – In Colour!

I’ve previously written about my Invisible Shoes huaraches, and how I like them as an occasional alternative to running barefoot.

It’s worth noting that there have been two recent changes to Invisible Shoes. The first is that they’re in the process of rebranding themselves as Xero Shoes. The company continues to be led by Steven Sashen and his wife Lena Phoenix, but they’ve been joined by some other staff, including a Director of Marketing who was formerly with Crocs. The second initiative is that Invisible/Xero Shoes are now available with coloured soles!(Up til now, all Invisible Shoe soles were black, and you could choose among an array of lace colours.)

The colour options look good. They are good old black, “Mocha Earth, Electric Mint, Boulder Sky, and Hot Salmon.” I have been – and will continue to be – a black sole/black lace kind of guy, but there’ll be lots of people who’ll go for the colours – especially as these huaraches are inexpensive enough that it doesn’t hurt the wallet to own more than one pair.

Colour soles and laces

To have a look at the new – and old – options, click on the Invisible Shoe banner on the right-hand sidebar of this page (scroll down past “Blogroll”), and do the needful. It links directly to the coloured sole page on the IS site, but you can easily navigate from there to the pages for the black-soled huaraches.


  1. I have a pair of 6mm Xeroa that I wear sometimes. I run in Lunas sometimes and find them a bit more comfortable. My daughter wants a pair of the new coloured Xeros.

    1. From what I’ve read (and heard, from a couple of friends who have Lunas), they’re a huge improvement over BFT’s original huaraches.

  2. And it even doesn’t hurt your wallet to buy a pair (or two) if you’re in Europe.
    Even with intercontinental shipping those huaraches are cheaper than whatever minimalist shoe on the European market.
    So I might be tempted to order a second pair… 6mm this time, and I guess I’ll choose the mocha earth with brown laces… or black again, with blue laces…

    1. Agreed, their price point is very good – especially when you consider their quality. I have three pairs of huaraches – one Connect (4mm), one Contact (6mm), and one of the original model. Previously, I had a pair of Barefoot Ted’s original huaraches, from before he rebranded them as Lunas. I liked them, but found the leather laces a bit cumbersome. I like the Invisible Shoes nylon laces much better.

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