Spring Run Off 8K

Harry Rosen Spring Run Off

Having just gone through yet another prostate biopsy (my fifth in six years), I’m reminded of how much I (and thousands of other men) benefit from the ongoing research into the causes of prostate cancer and its treatment. So I’ve decided, once again, to run the Harry Rosen Spring Run Off 8K in Toronto’s High Park.

I did the race in 2008, after my first set of radiation treatments for prostate cancer. That was also my first race after returning to running after an absence of 30 years, so it means a lot to me. This time, as before, I’ll be fundraising for the Prostate Centre at the Princess Margaret Hospital, where all my treatments have taken place. PMH’s Dr. Cynthia Menard and her team have taken exceptionally good care of me over the past few years, and I feel I owe them at least this much. I also owe something to all those men who have – and will have – prostate cancer.

I’ll start fundraising early in the new year so stay tuned. I hope you’ll support me.


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