Coming Up: Soft Star Moc3 Review

The good folks at Soft Star Shoes have sent me a pair of their Moc3s to review. I’ve just received the package, and am going to put them through their paces.

Moc3 package

The reveal…

I’ve got to say that the first thing that impressed me was the packaging of the Moc3s. No plastic at all, just some paper around the shoes, inside a plain cardboard box. Seems that Soft Star is serious about their “light footprint”!

I don’t often review footgear. That’s because I very hardly ever run in anything but my bare feet. I’ve worn VFF KSOs (but not for quite a while), and Xero Shoes sandals (but only a couple of times a year). For me, nothing – but nothing – works as well as skin to ground.

But I’ve been looking with interest at SoftStar’s RunAmoc models for some time. That’s because these people seem to be creating footwear the right way ’round. Instead of “minimizing” (in other words, trimming down) the traditional cushioned, supportive running shoe so they can flog the result to the masses, SoftStar has chosen to build from the ground up, with very minimal soles and footbeds and light, soft uppers that simply drape around the foot. Obviously, that isn’t going to work for everyone. But it makes sense to me, so I’m going to give the Moc3s a try.

Soft Star Moc3

Soft Star Moc3

Here’s the plan…

I’m going to 1/ wear the Moc3s as daily footwear, at the office, for grocery shopping, etc.; 2/ see what they’re like on my treadmill; 3/ run on the indoor concrete track at my local Y with them; and 4/ take them on my usual training road routes, maybe even some trails. I’m going to look at fit, comfort, feel, and durability. I’ll take some photos, do some background research, and post the results in two reviews, one short-term and one with a longer view. (And I promise never to use the dreadful term “barefoot shoes” when I’m talking about the Moc3s.)

To whet your appetite for what’s coming up, have a look at this short video of Mike Friton, the designer of the Moc3, explaining the ideas behind the shoe’s design.

Moc on!


What do you think?

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