Vulture Bait 50K Trail Race

Vulture Bait 50K

This morning, I registered for the Vulture Bait 50K Trail Race, which will take place on October 19, 2013, in London, Ontario. It’ll be my third 50K ultra, but my first one on trails. I’m very much looking forward to it.

I had every intention of doing the Toronto Scotiabank Marathon (which takes place on October 20) again, until about a week ago. But testing the Soft Star Moc3s made me realize I could go further afield, and I’ve long been intrigued by trail ultras. All of which got me thinking that the time might be now.

To give you an example of what I’ve been discovering recently, here’s what I encountered on today’s 11.76K trail run, which I did in a park near my home in southern Ontario…

The trail beside the river (which was in full spring flood) was blocked twice by washouts and once by a large fallen tree. That resulted in some creative route changes, which included a couple of gnarly short technical bits. At the top end end of the route, I couldn’t go where I’d intended, so instead veered off to run along a wide gravel path next to a hydro right of way. Lots of big puddles, lots of rough gravel, lots and lots of mud, what felt like a bjillion climbs and descents, some running in dense woods, and some running under a wide-open sky. I’m still very new to this trail stuff and realize how much I have to learn.

My “official” training for the Vulture Bait will start on July 1. That gives me lots of time to ease into trail running, explore some new trails, and continue to enjoy the opportunities provided by the Moc3s. (By the way, stay tuned for a comprehensive review of these magic “ghost shoes.” They’re pretty amazing!)



  1. Best of luck to you! I am registered for Vulture Bait as well, my first ultra. Scared but excited too!!!

    1. That sounds great, Michele! It would be good to meet up at the race. Give me a shout closer to the time, and we’ll work something out.

  2. Best of luck with this Alan. Although I have every confidence in you having a successful race and another memorable experience, not to mention a great training season.

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