The Essentials


In a perfect world, I’d run naked. That not being possible, I wear only what I think is necessary. Over the years, I’ve come down to a pretty minimal list – ’cause that’s the kind of guy I am.

Here’s what it takes:

Running kilt

Running Kilt

Except for running barefoot, my running kilt, from Scott Schneider of, is the most comfortable way of moving I’ve found. (See my inital review of the kilt here.) Once I got over being self-conscious about being seen in public wearing a skirt, I never looked back. Unless it’s cold enough for tights, I now wear my running kilt on all my runs. I can’t understand why more men don’t wear these.

Garmin 210

Garmin 210

For years I ran gadgetless. No iPod, for sure, because I don’t listen to music. But not even a watch. Then I bought a Garmin, and became a data junkie. I still make sure that I run Garmin-free on a regular basis, but the numbers have been good to me.

Soft Star Moc3s

Soft Star Moc3

It’s a hard thing for a hardcore barefoot runner to say, but I love my Soft Star Moc3s. Actually, it’s not really that hard a confession to make – because these are, without any doubt, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. With them, I can run farther, on more different surfaces, and in more varied weather conditions than I can barefoot, and without losing any of the barefoot form that I love so much. They’ve even enabled me to run trails, which I’ve longed to do for some time. I’m a convert (though I still run barefoot whenever I can).



I started wearing Buffs in my ultra-distance cycling days, under my helmet. I re-discovered them when I began running. A Buff is simplicity itself – a tube of microfibrous fabric that, with different arrangements, can be worn as a scarf, bandanna, headband, beanie, face mask, tube top, helmet liner, wristband, cap, pirate, Sahara style, and other variations. They’re made on a specially-developed tubular loom, so the finished garment is seamless. And they come in about a bjillion colours and patterns.


It goes without saying that above gear list is for warm weather. And I should add that I regularly trim the list down to the barest essential, i.e., just my running kilt.

In the winter? Well, in the winter, I run on my treadmill. Naked.



  1. you mean ONLY the skirt? no underwear? doesn’t this cause you any issue? i shiver only THINKING at my jewels bouncing at every step. brrrrrr..

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