Two Weeks, Two Races

I usually space my races out over the season, so they all fit into an overall training pattern. On the theory that change is good, though, I’m going to do, over the next two weeks, two races. They’re as different as night and day – except, of course, that I’ll be doing both of them barefoot.

Milton Half Marathon

The first is the Milton Half Marathon, which I’ll do on Sunday (only three days away). I did the inaugural Milton Half last year, and liked it so much that I’m going back. It’s a classic (flat, fast, and scenic), it’s local (or as good as; it’s only 30K from my home), and it’s friendly (about 180 runners last year, and what looks to be about 240 this year). I got a PB (1:55:55) at Milton last year, and may pull off another one on Sunday. No promises, though, right?


Then, on Saturday, September 21, I’ll run my first barefoot trail race, the Tom Marchese Trail Run 6.6K. It benefits a local food bank, and is simplicity itself – a combination of hard packed dirt, some root sections, a couple stretches of grass, and a few wooden footbridges at the Cold Creek Conservation Area, about 50K from here. This one may turn out to be a small jewel – no t-shirt, no medal, and probably a small number of entrants. It sounds ideal as my first barefoot trailer, and I’m really looking forward it.

Stay tuned for race reports and photos!



  1. That trail run looks like it will be a good one. If I didn’t already have plans that day I would definitely participate. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the race. Good luck at both events.

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