Vulture Bait Update

Just a quick post to update re the race report for the Vulture Bait 50K I did a couple of weeks ago…

I’ve been waiting for photos from the race before posting a full report. It was quite something, and it deserves the pics. To whet your appetite (I hope), here’s the nutshell report:

It started out cold (8C) and got colder (6C) by the end. It started cloudy, began to rain two hours into the race, and then rained heavily for the next four hours. The course was really muddy (over my ankles in many places), and really rocky and rooty (I tripped twice, the second time heavily enough to split my lip). There were two ice-cold, mid-calf deep water crossings (one on each loop), which chilled my feet to their centers. But I had a wonderful time, and I managed to improve my 50K PB time by about 2 minutes (the last one was set at my first ultra, a road 50K I did in 2009).

There were 76 starters in the race, and 56 finishers. Some injuries – one broken wrist, one dislocated shoulder, one case of hypothermia, and one person suffered a temporary loss of vision. The course was pretty, but would have been tough even without the bad weather. There were a lot more elevation changes than I’d expected.



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