Coming Soon: Track Ultra!

York U. track

Only a week to go until I do my first track ultra – the Run4RKids 6 Hour.

Given that I’ve had only three weeks to train for this one (registration was a more-or-less spur of the moment thing), I’m feeling pretty good about it. There’s the novelty aspect, which helps – this will be my first track ultra, my first timed ultra, and the first race where I have to supply my own food and drink. As if that weren’t enough, I’m planning to run with music! I got an iPod Shuffle and a pair of Yurbuds earphones for Xmas, and have been rediscovering the world of tunes. Should be interesting, to say the least.

And I have been training. I’ve put in some hours on the indoor track at the local YMCA as well as on my home treadmill. And I’ve been changing my focus a bit, in hopes that running around a 200m track for six hours will be a joy rather than a chore. So far, so good.

I’m almost there. I’ll wear my Xero Shoes Sensori Venture sandals, fuel with Hammer gels and HEED, and while away the hours listening to Terry Riley and Brian Eno.

Stay tuned – full race report coming soon!



  1. Good luck and enjoy, Alan. I think music is the right choice for this race. With the indoor space, it could be echo-ey and loud which I don’t think would allow you to zen out and focus. I’m looking forward to the report.

    1. Thanks, Nicole. I think you’re right about the indoor space sounds. I’ve seen a short video of a previous Run4RKids 6 Hour at the same facility, and it seemed very echoey and loud. So I’ve chosen some music that will put me in the right kind of head space (and am discovering the pleasure of building a playlist!). I must also thank you for recommending the Yurbuds earphones. They are simply amazing – a much better listening experience than I’d expected.

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