SportTracks Ambassador!

SportTracks logo I’m pleased to announce that I’m now a SportTracks Ambassador. I started using SportTracks about six months ago, and immediately found it to be a valuable tool for tracking and analyzing my running data. I’m now in a position to represent SportTracks to my local running community, and to encourage others runners to use it.

What is SportTracks?

SportTracks recognizes that, while athletes are recording more data than ever, this rapid accumulation of data can be overwhelming. SportTracks offers a good way to use the data to reflect and plan. It allows users to log workouts and provides detailed analytics.

The flagship of the SportTracks platform is SportTracks 3, a Windows application that’s been in development since 2006. ST3 has been translated into 22 languages, enjoys strong international (multi-language) support, and offers an impressive library of plugins. is the newest product on offer. It’s a mobile-friendly website with greater social interaction and an updated design. Users can easily share workouts with their friends, while still enjoying the “bells and whistles” aspects of SportTracks technical analysis.

SportTracks 3 and are designed to work together through CloudSync. This service ensures that users can enjoy both the heavier analysis of ST3 and the convenience of accessing their data on their cloud-connected devices. (I use the app on my Samsnug Galaxy tablet.)

As an ambassador, I’ll be a community liaison for SportTracks and will assist in local promotional events. I’ll also have some annual subscriptions (each valued at US$35) to give away. Stay tuned for more news about that!



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