Coming Up: HydraQuiver


I recently ordered an Orange Mud HydraQuiver, and expect it to arrive any day now.

I’m excited about the HydraQuiver. It’s a fresh take on hydration systems, and I think it’s going to replace my Nathan hydration vest on long training runs and short ultras.

I bought the Nathan because I wanted (and needed) something that would carry enough fluid to last on runs longer than 40K. I’d been carrying two small handhelds, but that got clumsy. I don’t like wearing waterbelts, and I didn’t want to carry large handhelds. The Nathan hydration vest ticked those boxes. When its 2L bladder was full, though, it rode hard on the small of my back, and I never quite managed to adjust it so that wouldn’t happen. And, though it has a small outer pocket for carrying a bit of extra stuff, I couldn’t get to that pocket without taking the vest off. To its credit, the Nathan fits well, and, once adjusted, doesn’t bounce much – at least until it’s almost depleted.

Enter the Orange Mud HydraQuiver. It’s a new product, launched in December 2013, that was born out of a desire to have a hydration system that doesn’t bounce. It carries a single 24oz water bottle (Orange Mud’s DoubleQuiver carries two such bottles) high between the shoulders, with a storage pocket big enough for a light vest, gloves, etc. in the pack’s main body, and gel, cell phone, etc. pockets on the shoulder straps. It’s a good theory, and all the reviews I’ve read of the HydraQuiver suggests it works as planned.

As I said, mine is on its way. I’ll do some testing, and post a full review soonest. Stay tuned!

What do you think?

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