What a difference a few years – and a lot of running – can make.

Niagara 50K 2009

Run4RKids 6 Hour 2014

The photo on the left was taken at the start of the Niagara 50K Ultra in June 2009. I’d come back to running in late 2008. Ran a half marathon in February 2009, DNFed in my first “return to glory” marathon in May 2009, and then decided I’d give the ultra a try. The photo on the right was taken about four hours into my first 6 hour ultra, in early January 2014. I’m 30 lbs. lighter than I was in 2009, a much better runner, and a much happier, healthier guy.

I love changes!


    1. Longest run so far in the huaraches was the 52K I covered at the 6 Hour event. I plan to wear them for the 100K ultra I’ll so in mid-June, and the 12 Hour event in September.

      1. I went from 0.5K on my first barefoot run to 14K a week later. Some blisters, and then I worked on improving my form. Been running barefoot since, except for the huaraches on long (20K+) runs and races.

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