How It Is

I thought I’d chart “the state of the nation” for you, so there’d be no mistake.

Personal Threat Level

It’s almost the end of February. I’m in week six of a sixteen-week training program for the Elk/Beaver 50K. I’ve run on my treadmill for the past four months, and I’m feeling something akin to cabin fever. So now I’m running outside. But it’s really cold and windy, and I have to cope with icy streets and sidewalks. Sometimes I just feel old and grumpy.

All things considered, I’m doing OK.



  1. AH. This winter SUCKS. At least (I assume) you can get out in the main part of the day when the sun is shining? I’ve actually really embraced the gym treadmill this winter (no other choice) but even I’m starting to long for those +30c days!

    1. I’ve been running in the morning (once it’s light), at mid-day, and in the middle of the afternoon. Varying my routes as much as I can, just to to keep the mojo going. As for 30C+ temps… Well, it’s going to be a while yet. 🙂

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