Slump Time


I’ve been in a running-related slump for the past ten days or so. Can’t raise the motivation to run, therefore don’t get out the door, and that just builds and builds. It’s a downward spiral, and I haven’t been able to come out of it.

Note that it’s only running related. Otherwise, I feel good, emotionally. cognitively, and physically. I’m facing some medical issues (more about them in a later post), but I don’t think they have anything to do with the slump.

For now, I’m blaming the weather. I can see spring on the near horizon, but it’s not here yet. I tell myself that, once it gets milder, I’ll be able to run barefoot on the roads, and that will make all the difference. I sure hope so.

Meanwhile, we are not amused. Not one little bit.



    1. I wish that was all it took. 🙂 Not to worry, I’ve run in each of the past two days. Being able to run barefoot is what broke the slump. Tomorrow’s going to be even better – a high temp of 6C is forecast.

  1. It won’t last forever Alan! Not much further – think of it like when you’ve hit the wall towards the end of the race. You know you haven’t got far to go, but it’ll be challenging so you just have to tough it out!

    1. Thanks, Tracy. Another two or three weeks should see a lasting change in the weather. Until then, I’ll just take each day as it comes.

  2. Do you have any local friends who run? Maybe set up a time with them to get in a run. I know running with friends always helps me when I don’t want to get in a run. Hang in there! Spring will be here soon!

    1. I have friends who run, but running with others isn’t what I do. In fact, running with other people is a dis-incentive for me. I’m much more likely to go for run if I’m solo, and much less likely if I have company. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  3. I’m in a slump and I can’t even really use the weather as an excuse, since I do most of my running inside. I have my half marathon in a little over a week! Ug….guess I should get in my car and leave work so I can run… I always feel great when I’m done, but getting started is killer.

    1. Agreed, it’s the “getting going” that’s hard (or impossible) to do. It seems we’re not alone in this. Hope the situation improves – for all of us!

    1. At this point, Menno, even a running slump would do. And, no, I’m not so perverse as to want to make life more difficult. 🙂

  4. Hang tight, Alan, I have no doubt you’ll pull through this slump. Sometimes when I take a break it makes me run faster times when I start again. I think it’s probably because my body finally has time to completely heal! Best of luck, my friend.

  5. I’m totally with you. I’m thinking it should be spring when I look at the calendar, then when I go to run, I look at the thermometer and I think it’s still January. That’s a tough mental hurdle. Hopefully it warms up soon…

      1. It’s a battle. I’ve been streaking and I’m almost at half a year. I also have my first 50 miler in April, so I think that kind of provokes me too. This winter has been vicious to say the least…

      2. The fact that I have a 50K scheduled for mid-May and a 100K for mid-June should be provoking me. But it’s not. I’ll admit to being a weather wimp, but usually I manage to rise above that.

  6. Hang in there, Alan!! It is right around the corner, right over the hill… I hear you though. I love winter but I want to run on something besides ice and snow.

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