Tuned In

I re-discovered music a while ago, and now listen to music while on long training runs (and, so far, during one race). It’s been an exciting journey, as it’s meant getting to know old favourites again, as well as coming across entirely new composers and musicians.

My current playlist is a mix of minimalist, ambient, and drone. Here’s what’s on my iPod right now…

Old favourites

Rainbow in Curved Air

Terry Riley
Rainbow in Curved Air
Shri Camel
Les Yeux Fermes
Persian Surgery Dervishes


Music for Airports

Brian Eno
Ambient Music 1: Music for Airports
Ambient Music 2: The Plateaux of Mirrors
Ambient Music 3: Day of Radiance
Ambient Music 4: On Land
The Shutov Assembly


New discoveries:

Avec Laudenum

Stars of the Lid
Avec Laudenum

Angus MacLise
Angus MacLise



Those of you who are used to having music (and iPods) in your lives will have to forgive me for this enthusiasm. It’s been a very long dry spell, and I’m really glad it’s over.


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