Coming Up: Sockwa X8


The good folks at Sockwa (“Socks with attitude”) have very kindly sent me a pair of their X8s for review.

The X8s are a very minimalist slipper-type shoe, described by Sockwa as “breathable, comfortable, and lightweight.” My new X8s look great and fit perfectly, right out of the mailer pouch they came in. (Shoe boxes are so twentieth century, don’t you think?) I’ll post a full review soon. Stay tuned!

Sockwa X8



  1. Very interested in their longevity. I have in the past used surf socks, but they tend to wear very quickly. It approaching winter here in NZ, so something covering the otes is looking appealing

    1. I think the soles will last longer than the thin rubber soles on my Moc3s, as it’s a type of polyurethane. And the uppers are well put together, to, so there’s hope.

    1. I’ll need some time to do a few runs in them. Also want to try them as “every day” shoes. It’s always hard not to be barefoot, though. 🙂

    1. That’s kind of what I’m expecting. I have both a pair of RunAmoc Originals and a pair of Moc3s. From what I see of the X8s so far, though, they’re different in ways that may make them quite different. Will have to see when I’ve run in them a bit.

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