I’m running more than writing these days, as I prepare for the Niagara 100K, which takes place on June 14.

Not surprisingly, I’m beginning to develop major jitters for this one. For one thing, it’ll be my first attempt at the 100K distance. For another, my feet are still recovering from being completely shredded at the Elk/Beaver 50K on May 10 – and that’s meant I haven’t been able to put in the training distances I need to do for a 100K event.

Never mind. I’m still aiming for Niagara… and hoping that it’ll turn out well.



  1. Good luck, I hope you are ready for Niagara. If you are not 100% sure maybe drop down in distance before hand? I think if your feet are good to go, you should be fine. I’m sure you can handle the distance. I think the course is a little more favourable as well. All the best whatever you decide.

    1. Thanks, Robin. I think my feet will be OK. The question is whether my legs are good for the distance. May have to depend on attitude to get through it. 🙂

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